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Modi Script

Reviving the 15th Century Script

What a karmic relationship this turned out to be! We both grew alongside each other, an ancient script and a modern Mumbaikar. Both restless, energetic personalities propelling themselves into a new-found, symbiotic space. Both needing to be 'discovered' in their own way. Both leaning on each other for strength and survival.Both reaching out for a place in people's hearts and minds. Both requiring reassurance that eternity was on their side!


Handling the actual weatherworn Modi manuscripts could reduce one to tears: my initial clumsy attempts at Modi humbled me beyond words. I resolutely absorbed every bit of information available about writing styles, inks, mediums and materials. Later, with disciplined practice as well as scholarly input; my skill-set and knowledge gave me wings to fly.Gaining tremendous insight into the history of a script, I understood how both, the ruling dynastic influences and working class traditions of the day influenced actual legibility and style.

Modi Composition by Achyut Palav
Achyut Palav Modi Composition

Creating a new script, Mukta Lipi

While researching Modi, I also worked on unique project of my own. I wanted to create a script that fused the characteristics of Modi and Devnagari. Thus a new amalgamated script emerged which combined the swift Modi style and the coveted elegance of Devnagari. I mastered this style called Mukta Lipi as part of my efforts at reviving Modi. It was an immensely proud moment for me whe it was used for the title of the commemorative Volume published by the Government of Maharashtra, for 25 years of State formation.

Modi script
Modi Lipi
Mukta Lipi
Mukta Lipi by Achyut Palav
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