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About me

Achyut Palav Demonstration

Calligraphy is my worship and promoting Indian Calligraphy and scripts is my mission in life. To me the numerous phonetically evolved scripts of India are superior examples of design. Each letterform a work of art with high potential of application across media and subjects. I ardently believe that calligraphy is an art of a common man and have dedicated my life in exploring various styles and concepts. 

I have worked extensively in Roman, Devnagari and few other Indian scripts and initiated many programs and events to promote the beauty of the artform. My work primarily encourages people to view Indian calligraphy in a whole new light, recognize its vast applicability and its ability to interact with performing arts to create compositions. With my exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations, I have attempted to experiment with various themes, subjects, tools etc. that highlight the ability of calligraphy to seek the hidden subtlety, energy and emotions behind words and capture their meaning in an artistic manner.


G.D ART (Applied Art) from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai.

Research Scholarship From Ulka Advertising for thesis on Modi script (15th to 17th Century)

Basic Calligraphy Demonstration

My Inspirations

Prof. R. K. Joshi

My Guru's presence, advice and pat on the back meant everything. His approval and appreciation could infuse me with the power of a thousand elephants...


When I joined J. J. what I most eagerly looked forward to was the lecture by Prof. R. K. Joshi. His fame as a skilled calligrapher and excellent teacher with progressive ideas preceded him. His words had a profound impact on me as he taught us much more than art. He instructed us in the technique of recognizing the finer aspects of a text: intonation, varied perceptions, layered meaning. 

R. K. Joshi and Achyut Palav

As an Educator...

Calligraphy Stroke
  • Founder of APSC - India’s 1st Academic Venture in Calligraphy

  • Adjunct Visiting Faculty-Fine Arts- Manipal University, Jaipur

  • Advisory Board Member – B. S. Bandekar College of Fine Art (Applied Art), Sawantwadi

  • Alumnus of ‘Past For Future Trust’ (KMS Dr. Shirodkar High School, Parel)

  • Ex faculty member of Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai

  • Services Rendered for Times of India (Maharashtra Times)

  • Services Rendered for Indian Express (Loksatta)

Publications & books by Achyut Palav


Modi Script

Reviving the 15th Century Script

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